[V.A.] Trojan Slack Reggae Box Set


She Can't Take It - Derrick Morgan & Bunny Lee
Lift It Up - Beenie Man
Horney Horney - Chaka Demus & Pliers
Open Sess See Me - General Levy
Backway Ride - Buju B
Run Slackness - Charlie Chaplin
Cocks Man - Ranking Joe
Matie Fret - Sister Charmaine
Cock Man - Pan Head
Tan Up And Piss - Gospel Fish
US Pum Pum - Nadine Sweetness
Wicked A Way If Kiss - Dollar Fifty
Gum Pan - Ninja Flowers
I Come To Grind Your Daughter - Derrick Morgan
Buffesha - Chinieman
Girls Headquarters - Renegade
Feeling Lonely - Lady P

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Slackness Style - Ranking Joe
Wuck The Body Properly - Lady P
Boney Punany - Beenie Man
I'll Give My Cock To You - Derrick Morgan
Punani Fi Smell - Gospel Fish
Gal Mek Yu So Sexy - Major Herring
Tickle Me Fancy - Lt. Stitchie
Cockie And Pussy - Jah Thomas & Sister Jackie
Gal Skin Out - Poison Chang
Do Me - Yellowman & Cecile
Bed Work - Nardo Ranks
Run Punani - Sheriff
Stone - Squidley Ranks
Stiff - Dillinger
Mr Walker - Ranking Joe
Slackest Medley In The World - Derrick Morgan

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King Dong - Derrick Morgan
Gal A Weh You Do Me - Galaxy P
Matie Move - Major Herring
Dub It Inna Dance - Ranking Joe
Punani War - Gospel Fish
Agony - Clement Irie
Wet Dream - Max Romeo
Miss Angela - Beenie Man
X Rated Country - Admiral Bailey
Pum Pum Mash Up - Tullo T
Girls Anthem - General Levy
Phensic - Tapper Zukie
She Can Tek The Sting - Reggie Stepper
Professional Love - Chinieman
Fuckist - Squidley Ranks
Wuck Me Tender - Lady P
Ride Mama Fanny - Derrick Morgan

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