[V.A.] Trojan Instrumentals Box Set


The Harry J All Stars - Liquidator
The Crystalites - James Ray
The Hippy Boys - Capo
Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Napoleon Solo
Joe Gibbs & The Love Generation - Fat Dog
Baba Brooks - One Eyed Giant
The G.G. All Stars - Champion
Herman Marquis - Tom's Version
Lester Sterling - Tribute To King Scratch
Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile
Don Drummond - Eastern Standard Time
Johnny Dizzy Moore - Reflections Of Don D
Los Cabbeleros Orchestra - Make Yourself Comfortable
Tommy McCook - The Rooster
Lloyd Chambers - In The Spirit
Val Bennett - Tons Of Gold
The Upsetters - For A Few Dollars More

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Val Bennett - The Russians Are Coming (Take Five)
Boris Gardiner - Scarface
Carl Cannonball Bryan - Soul Scorcher
Winston Wright - Top Secret
The Upsetters - Return To Django
Roy Richards - Contact
Baba Brooks - Guns Fever
The JJ All Stars - Memphis Underground
The Hippy Boys - The Hippys Are Here
Neville Hinds - Tit For Tat
Roland Alphonso - El Torro
Lloyd Charmers - Death A Come
Tommy McCook - The Saint
The Harry J All Stars - My Cherie Amour
Lyn Taitt & The Jets - El Casino Royale
The Crystalites - Bombshell

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The Upsetters - Clint Eastwood
Carl Cannonball Bryan - Way Of Life
Winston Wright - Heads Or Tails
The Silverstars - Last Call
Roland Alphonso - El Pussy Cat Ska
Boris Gardiner - Memories Of Love
The Blenders - Decimal Currency
Tommy McCook - Eight Years After
Val Bennett - Jumping With Mr Lee
The Beverley's All Stars - The Monster
The Baba Brooks Band - Seven Guns Alive
The Hippy Boys - Cloudburst
Gladdy Anderson & Lyn Taitt & The Jets - Love Me Forever
The Harry J All Stars - Don't Let Me Down
Don Drummond - Green Island
The G.G. All Stars - Barabus
The Crystalites - Stop That Man

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