[V.A.] Trojan DJ Box Set


Big Youth - Screaming Target
U Roy - Festival Wise
Shorty - Yamaha Skank
Winston Williams - Dj's Choice
I Roy & The Jumpers - Hot Bomb
Dennis Alcapone - King Of Kings
Dave Barker - I Got To Get Away
Big Youth - Pride And Joy Rock
Lizzy - Love Is A Treasure
U Roy - The Tide Is High
Scotty - Riddle I This
I Roy - Blackman Time
King Stitt & Andy Capp - Herbsman (Shuffle)
Blake Boy - Cambodia
Big Youth - S90 Skank
Winston Prince - Place Called Africa
U Roy - Earthquake

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Scotty - Clean Race
Dennis Alcapone - Spanish Amigo
I Roy - Buck And The Preacher
Phillip Samuels - Hot Stick Version
Big Youth - Be Careful
U Roy - True True
King Stitt - Vigerton 2
I Roy - Cow Town Skank
Dennis Alcapone - Teach The Children
I Roy - Red Gold And Green
Scotty - Draw Your Brakes
Sir Lord Comic - Jack Of My Trade
Big Youth - Moving Version
King Iwah - Give Me Power Version
U Roy - Flashing My Whip
King Stitt - Fire Corner
Dennis Alcapone - Ripe Cherry

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Carl Campbell - Hammering
Charlie Ace - Shock And Shake
Herman - To The Fields
Scotty - I Worry
I Roy - Tripe Girl
Big Youth - Dreamland Version
Dennis Alcapone - The Great Woggie
U Roy - Love I Tender
Lloyd Young - High Explosion
Dave Barker - Wet Version
Scotty - Children Children
Lizzy - The Right Song
Big Youth - The Killer
Prince Heron - Ten Commandments
Dennis Alcapone - Dj's Choice
I Roy - Dr Phibbs

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