[V.A.] Trojan Ska Revival Box Set

CD 1

01-The Specials - Gangsters (live)
02-The Selecter - Missing words (live)
03-The Special Beat - Tears of a clown (live)
04-Bad Manners - My girl lollipop (live)
05-The Coventry Automatics - Blank expression
06-The Specials - Doesn't make it alright (live)
07-The Selecter - Three minute hero (live)
08-The Special Beat - Too nice to talk to (live)
09-Bad Manners - Lorraine(live)
10-The Coventry Automatics - It's up to you
11-The Specials - Nite klub (live)
12-The Selecter - Too much pressure (live)
13-The Special Beat - Raking full stop (live)
14-Bad Manners - Walking in the sunshine (live)
15-The Coventry Automatics - Too much too young
16-The Specials - Monkey man (live)
17-The Selecter - On my radio

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CD 2

01-The Selecter - Long shot (bust me bet)
02-The Coventry Automatics - Concrete jungle
03-Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Carry go bring home
04-Bad Manners - Wet dream
05-The Specials - Double barrel
06-Bad Manners - Sally Brown (live)
07-The Selecter - Tighten up
08-Desmond Dekker & The Specials - King of ska
09-Bad Manners - Feel like jumping (live)
10-The Special Beat - Enjoy yourself (live)
11-The Specials - Skinhead girl
12-The Selecter - Everyday (time hard) (live)
13-Bad Manners - Don't knock the bald (live)
14-Desmond Dekker & The Specials - King of kings
15-The Special Beat - Rough rider (live)
16-The Selecter - Train to skaville (live)

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CD 3

01-Bad Manners - Echo 4 + 2 (live)
02-The Selecter - The selecter (live)
03-The Special Beat - Mirror in the bathroom (live)
04-The Coventry Automatics - Dawning of a new era
05-The Specials - Ghost town (live)
06-Bad Manners - This is ska (live)
07-The Selecter - Al Capone (live)
08-The Special Beat - Nigth klub (live)
09-The Specials - Return of Django
10-The Coventry Automatics - Little bitch
11-Bad Manners - Skaville UK (live)
12-Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Easy snappin'
13-The Selecter - Madness (live)
14-The Special Beat - Get a job (live)
15-The Specials - Do the dog (live)
16-Bad Manners - Can can (live)
17-The Selecter - Celebrate the bullet (live)

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