[V.A.] Trojan Singles Box Set


Our Love Will Last - The Divers
Easter Organ - Brother Dan All Stars
Fat Man - Derrick Morgan
South Parkway Rock - Val Bennett
Old Man Say - Silverstars
Promises - Silverstars
Bangarang Crash - Clancy Eccles
Rahtid - Dynamites
If This World Were Mine - Tyrone Evans
You Done Me Wrong - Tyrone Evans
Double Shot - Beverley's All Stars
Banana Water - Melodians
Copy Cat - Derrick Morgan
I'll Need You Tomorrow - Kingstonians
Smoke Screen - Beverley's All Stars
Lick It Back - Clarendonians
Busy Bee - Tyrone Evans

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Keep My Love From Fading - Ken Boothe
Eldora - Techniques All Stars
54-46 That's My Number - The Maytals
Virgin Soldiers - Hot Rod All Stars
I'm Gonna Get There - Joe White
Kinky Funky Reggae - Rupie Edwards's All Stars
So Much Love - Joe White
Be Yours - Beverley's All Stars
Darling Please Return - The Barons
Take Me As I Am - Jackie Edwards
One Big Happy Family - Bruce Ruffin
Come On Girl - Jackie Edwards
Help Me Make It Through The Night - Joyce Bond
You Don't Know Like I Know - Pioneers
I'll Take You There - Deltones
At The Discotheque - Pioneers

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What About You - Pat Rhoden
Check Out Yourself - Climarons
Reggae From The Ghetto - Marcia Griffiths
Whole World's Down On Me - B.B. Seaton & Ken Boothe
I'm Lonely No More - Teddy Brown
Time Is The Master - Tito Simon
Being In Love - Derrick Harriott
Help Me - Freddie McKay
Reverend Lee - Lorna Bennett
Let Go - Ken Boothe
Run Away Pet - Donna Hinds
Keep It Like It Is - John Holt
Why Must You Cry - Barry Biggs
Come Back Girl - Nicky Thomas
Strange Thoughts - Honey Boy
Pie In The Sky - Eugene Paul
Love Don't Love Nobody - Ken Boothe

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