[V.A.] Trojan Reggae Sisters Box Set


If You're Ready Come Go With Me - Cynthia Richards
Gypsy Man - Marcia Griffiths
Come And Get Some - Barbara Jones
Make Me Yours - Phillis Dillon
Hurt So Good - Susan Cadogan
Groovin' - The Gaylettes
Peace Begins Within - Nora Dean
Love Was All I Had - Phillis Dillon
I Can't Help It Darling - Barbara Jones
Silly Wasn't I? - Sharon Forrester
Fever - Susan Cadogan
Here Comes That Feeling (Aka That Lonely Feeling) - The Gaylettes
Don't Stay Away - Phyllis Dillon
Walk Through This World - Barbara Jones
Aily I - Cynthia Richards
Angel Of The Morning - Joya Landis
In The Ghetto - Susan Cadogan

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Son Of A Preacher Man - The Gaylettes
Don't Let Me Down - Marcia Griffiths
Leave It In The Hands Of Love - Phyllis Dillon
Kansas City - Joya Landis
Really Now - The Dreamletts
Woman A Come - Marguerita
I Let You Go Boy - Dawn Penn
It's You I Love - The Webber Sisters
A Thing Of The Past - Phyllis Dillon
I Shall Sing - Judy Mowatt
Moonlight Lover - Joya Landis
Hard Life - Merlene Webber
Why Did You Lie? - Dawn Penn
She Kept On Talking - Judy Mowatt
Band Of Gold - Marcia Griffiths
Why Should I? - Rita Marley & The Soulettes

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Nice And Easy - Susan Cadogan
Travelling - Debra Keese & The Black Five
Children At Play - Marcia Griffiths
Woman Of The Ghetto - Phyllis Dillon
Congratulations - Susan Cadogan
Emergency Call - Judy Mowatt
Pied Piper - Marcia Griffiths
Rescue Me - Judy Mowatt
Bring It Up - The Soulettes
The Right Track - Phyllis Dillon
Take A Chance (On Me) - The Gaylettes
To The Other Woman - Hortense Ellis
That's How Strong My Love Is - The Gaylettes
Perfidia - Phyllis Dillon
Stand By Your Man - Merlene Webber
My Island - Paulette Williams
When Will I See You Again - Marcia Griffiths

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