[V.A.] Trojan Jamaican Superstars Box Set

CD 1

Gregory Isaacs - Loving Pauper
Gregory Isaacs - My Time
Gregory Isaacs - Don't Go
Gregory Isaacs - Coming Home
Gregory Isaacs - Promised Land
Gregory Isaacs - Give A Hand
Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue
Gregory Isaacs - Way Of Life
Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Man
Alton Ellis - Cool Operator
Alton Ellis - Rascal Man
Alton Ellis - Better Must Come
Alton Ellis - Baby I Need Your Loving
Alton Ellis - Pretty Girl
Alton Ellis - My Baby Is Gone
Alton Ellis - Living In The Footsteps
Alton Ellis - It's A Shame

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CD 2

Alton Ellis - Soul Groover
Alton Ellis - Big Bad Boy
Alton Ellis - You've Made Me So Very Happy
Alton Ellis - Lord Deliver Us
Alton Ellis - Give Me Your Love
Alton Ellis - Truly
Alton Ellis - What Does It Take To Win Your Love
Alton Ellis - I Am Still In Love With You
Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take
Pat Kelly - Talk About Love
Pat Kelly - The Prophet
Pat Kelly - Lonely Man
Pat Kelly - I Wish It Would Rain
Pat Kelly - He Ain't Heavy
Pat Kelly - Best Time Of My Life

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CD 3

John Holt - After All
John Holt - Keep It Up
John Holt - Let's Get It While It's Hot
John Holt - Stick By Me
John Holt - Ghetto Girl
John Holt - My Satisfaction
John Holt - Up Park Camp
John Holt - You Baby
Dennis Brown - Tracks Of Life
Dennis Brown - Blood Son
Dennis Brown - Moving Away
Dennis Brown - It's Too Late
Dennis Brown - Cassandra
Dennis Brown - Some Like It Hot
Dennis Brown - Westbound Train
Dennis Brown - I Am The Conqueror
Dennis Brown - Musical Heatwave

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