Indigo Swing - All Aboard!

Indigo Swing has a sound all their own. Big band, swinging, they utilize many different aspects of 1930-50s music and meld it into a beautiful blend which is still obviously American, and still fresh. A pleasant selection of their work, it gives a good feel for what they're like live. If you like the Tenor Saxophone in swing music, this is worth buying, if for no other reason than the sax player.

1. Indigo Swing, The
2. I'm Glad I'm Not Dead, (Today's The Day)
3. How Lucky Can One Guy Be?
4. Blue Suit Boogie
5. Baron Plays The Horses
6. That's Where My Money Goes
7. Hot In Harlem
8. Regular Joe
9. What's The Matter, Baby?
10. Violent Love
11. Way We Ought To Be, The
12. Drinkin' It Up
13. So Long!
14. Memory Of You