Split- Leftöver Crack - Citizen Fish

01.Citizen Fish - "Working on the Inside"
02.Citizen Fish - "Money" – (Choking Victim cover)
03.Citizen Fish - "Meltdown"
04.Citizen Fish - "Getting Used to It"
05.Citizen Fish - "Back to Square One"
06.Citizen Fish - "Wait for the Blackout"
07.Citizen Fish - "Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)" – (Leftover Crack cover)
08.Leftöver Crack - "L.O.C Intro (B.D.C)" - (Feat. Dave Dictor)
09.Leftöver Crack - "Baby-Punchers" – (Feat. Jello Biafra)
10.Leftöver Crack - "Genocidal Tendencies"
11.Leftöver Crack - "...And Out Comes the N-Bomb!"
12.Leftöver Crack - "Life Causes Cancer"
13.Leftöver Crack - "World War 4"
14.Leftöver Crack - "Supermarket Song" – (Citizen Fish cover)
15.Leftöver Crack - "Reason for Existence" – (Subhumans cover)

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