The Casualties - The Early Years: 1990 - 1995

01.Political Sin
02.Destruction Of Hate
03.Ugly Bastards
04.Bored And Glued
05.Punk Rock Love
06.40 Ounce Casualty
07.Oi! Song
08.25 Years Too Late
09.For The Punx
10.Drinking Is Our Way Of Life
11.Kill The Hippies
12.No LIfe
13.Two Faced
16.Two Faced
17.Fuck You All
18.On The Streets

Bonus Track

19.Ugly Bastards
20. Blind Following
21. Washed Up
22. Don't Tell The Truth
23. Oi! Song
24. 40 Ounce Casualty
25. Rock And Roll Kids
26. Destruction And Hate
27. Punk Rock Love