F.Y.P - Dance my Dunce

álbum clássico do FYP. hc old school tosco com letras imaturas, a maioria falando do colégio.

01. Dum cos I said so
02. Inmatoor
03. Thinking Cap
04. Boo Hoo
05. Big Fish in a Polluted Gutter (going for a very short ride)
06. I Don't Wanna Sit Next to you
07. 2000 A.D.
08. Knock on Wood
09. Fuck you & a Half
10. Smarter than the average bear
11. It's not my Fault you Like Air Supply / My girlfriends dad's a vicar
12. Ian Stuart as a Crash Dummy
13. Kids That Play Dead
14. Jerk Off
15. Toss my Cookies
16. Are You an Idiot ar Just a Nitwit

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