What Happens Next? (WxHxNx?) - First Year

Thrascore, muito foda por sinal... não tem nada ve com metal, caralho!­
cala a boca e baixe essa merda de uma vez!
1.Impenetrable, Invisible, Ignored
2.Red Lights, Tin Roofs
3.Hollow Victory
4.Too Close to Home
5.The Human Condition
6.Salamat Kaibigan
7.Words Ring Empty
8.Smiling in the Face of Certain Death
9.Shadow Puppet Theater of War
10.Apathy Our Destiny?
11.Stand Still (Gorilla Biscuits)
12.My Friends and the Pit (Impact Unit)
16.Infinite Cycle (The Scene's a Jigsaw Puzzle and the Pieces Don't Fit)
17.Museifu Shugi Banzai
18.Rat Bastard
19.Le Cafard
20.Aki Rame Naizo
21.Uma Me
22.Bombs (Attitude Adjustment)
23.Make Every Minute Count Half Off
24.Live Show