Sham 69 - Angels with dirty faces

01.i don't wanna (live)
02.ulster (live) london (live)
04.borstal breakout
05.We Got a Fight (live) off davis is innocent
08.they don't understand life
10.hey little rich boy
11.tell us the truth
12.angels with dirty faces
13.if the kids are united
14.leave me alone
15.who gives a damn
16.that's life
17.hurry up, harry
18.evil way
19.sunday morning nightmares this me or is this..
21.question and answers
22.hersham boys (12'' version) dark angel
25.joey's on the street
26.cold blue in the night you're a better man
28.lost on highway 46
30.tell the children
31.the game
32.human zoo
33.lord of the flies
34.give a dog a bone and out
36.dead or alive
37.deja vu wild run free
39.unite and win
40.what have you got

Parte 1
Parte 2