Madness - Divine Madness - 1992

1.The Prince (Thompson)
2.One Step Beyond (Campbell)
3.My Girl (Barson)
4.Night Boat To Cairo (Barson/McPherson)
5.Baggy Trousers (McPherson/Foreman)
6.Embarrassment (Thompson/Barson)
7.The Return Of The Los Palmas 7 (Barson/Woodgate/Bedford)
8.Grey Day (Barson)
9.Shut Up (McPherson/Foreman)
10.It Must Be Love (Labi Siffre)
11.Cardiac Arrest (Smash/Foreman)
12.House Of Fun (Barson/Thompson)
13.Driving In My Car (Barson)
14.Our House (Smyth/Foreman)
15.Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (Smyth/Barson)
16.Wings Of A Dove (McPherson/Smyth)
17.The Sun And The Rain (Barson)
18.Michael Caine (Woodgate/Smyth)
19.One Better Day (McPherson/Bedford)
20.Yesterday's Men (McPherson/Foreman)
21.Uncle Sam (Thompson/Foreman)
22.(Waiting For The) Ghost Train (McPherson)

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