Stiff Little Fingers - Get A Life

01.Get A Life
02.Can't Believe In You
03.The Road To Kingdom Come
04.Walk Away
05.No Laughing Matter
07.Forensic Evidence
08.Baby Blue (What Have They Been Telling You ?)
09.I Want You
10.The Night That The Wall Came Down Cold
12.When The Stars Fall From The Sky
13.What If I Want More
14.I Can't Believe In You - (radio edit)
15.Silver Lining - (unplugged)
16.Listen - (unplugged)
17.Wasted Life - (unplugged)
18.Shake It Off
19.Not What We Were (Pro Patria-Mori)
20.Alternative Ulster - (live, live)
21.Smither Jones - (live, live)