The Nerds - Lords Of Dregs and Crap ( Six Years Of Destruction Rock Inferno 1997-2003)

Banda punk italiana.

02-Go Fuck Yourself
04-I'll Kill You In The Balls
05-I Don't Like You
06-The Todd Lillings
07-The Hermit Wanna Eat Me
08-Kill All The Boyscouts
09-Teddy Flaunts His 25cm Dick
10-You Are An Asshole
13-Drink & Drive
14-No Rules
15-I Don't Wanna Die
16-Beat Me
17-Amphetamine High
18-Legalize Murder
19-I Wanna Rape You
20-Satan's Rise
21-Punk Rock Loser
22-Beyond The Valley Of Ultraviolence
23-Caught In A Dream
24-Animals... Eat'Em