Discipline - Old Pride, New Glory (2008)

Excelente disco de covers dessa banda holandesa que é uma das melhores de street punk hooligan da atualidade.
Tem desde clássicos do street punk/Oi! até bandas contemporâneas, passando por Misfits, Motörhead, Billy Idol e pederastias do hard rock farofa anos 80, que, por sinal, eles conseguiram melhorar muito.
Na minha opinião, não tem música ruim em nenhum dos dois discos.

Disco 1
01.Stand (Motörhead)
02.Power (Agnostic Front)
03.We´re not gona take it (Twisted Sisters)
04.Don´t forget the struggle (Warzone)
05.I wanna live (Ramones)
06.Rebel yell (Billy Idol)
07.Show you no mercy (Cro Mags)
08.My world (The Crack)
09.Cum on feel the noize (Slade)
10.One law for them (4 Skins)
11.Delirious (Metal Kids)
12.Going to the run (Golden Earring)

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Disco 2
01.War on the terraces (Cockney Rejects)
02.Astro zombies (Misfits)
03.One of the boys (Rose Tattoo)
04.When I'm dancing I ain't fighting (Slade)
05.Runnin' Riot (Cock Sparrer)
06.Hang up your boots (Slapshot)
07.No more heroes (Stranglers)
08.Generation of scars (Terrible Twins)
09.Nice boys don't play rock'n roll (Rose Tattoo)
10.Saturday heroes (The Business)
11.A tale of moran (Sheer Terror)
12.Chaos (4 Skins)
13.Prison bound (Social Distortion)
14.Saturdays glory (Argy Bargy)
15.Fight to live (Blitz)
16.Violence in our minds (The Last Resort)
17.Crucified (Iron Cross)
18.Frontline skins (The Bruisers)

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