[V.A] Trojan Ska Box Set Volume 2


Derrick Morgan - The Hop
Don Drummond & The Beverley's All Stars - Dragon Weapon
Raymond Harper & Carib Beats - Discipline
Lloyd Robinson & Glen Brown - Too Late
Laurel Aitken - Hey, Bartender
Lee Perry - What A Good Wood Man
Winston Samuels - My Bride To Be
Lord Tanamo - You Belong To My Heart
Derrick Harriott - Derrick!
Ewan Mcdermott & The Vibrators - Sinners Got A Moaning Heart
Riots - Yeah Yeah
Jackie Estick - Daisy I Love You
The Sounds - Shufflin'
The Dreamletts - Really Now
Baba Brooks & His Band - Girl's Town Ska
The Silvertones - True Confession
Lord Creator - Hurry Up

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Lord Tanamo - Mattie Rag (Aka Ol' Matilda)
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Out Of Space
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - The Ark
Baba Brooks & His Band - Blues
Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe - Uno Dos Tres
The Maytals - Let's Jump
Amos Clarke - Chatty Chatty Woman
Don Drummond - Garden Of Love
Clive & Naomi - You Are Mine
The Blues Blenders - The Girl Next Door
Eric Monty Morris - Penny Reel
Roy Shirley & Ken Boothe - Calling
Derrick Morgan - Don't Call Me Daddy
Lyn Taitt & The Comets - Tender Loving Care
Horrell Dawkins - Butterfly
Ewan Mcdermott & The Vibrators - Don't Bring Me Your Dreams

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Lord Tanamo - If You Were Mine
Val Bennett & His Selected Group - Atlas
Derrick Morgan - Look Before You Leap
Don Drummond - Man In The Street
Frank Cosmo - My Days Are Lonely
Raymond Harper & The Carib-Beats - Yours
The Skatalites - Street Corner
Lee Perry - Give Me Justice
Owen Gray - Darling Patricia
Roland Alphonso - On The Move
Jackie Estick - The Ska
The Granville Williams Orchestra - Honky Tonk Ska
Desmond Dekker & The Cherry Pies - King Of Ska
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Ska Jam
Derrick Harriott - Monkey Ska
Lloyd Brevett - Wayward Ska
Ewan Mcdermott & Primo Davidson - Candy Ska

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