VA - Southern Rockabilly

Ótima coletânea de Rockabilly.

Vol. 01
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01.Alvis Wayne
---Thank's A Lot
2.02.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Rockabilly Rules OK
3.03.The Legendary Raw Deal---Southern Boys
4.04.Little Aron & East Side River Boys---Sweet Caroline
5.05.Salty Dogs---Teenage Boogie
6.06.Lennerockers---Ol' Black Joe
7.07.Jessee James---South's Gonna Rise Again
8.08.Duetones---Shake 'Em Up Rock
9.09.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Alligators Shoes
10.10.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Don't Mess With My Day Off
11.11.Ray Campi---Rockabilly Rebel
12.12.Wild Wax Combo---Miss Betty
13.13.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Jeezy Peezy
14.14.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Raw Deal
15.15.Johnny & The Roccos---Baby You're Playin' With Fire
16.16.Wreckless---I'm Just A Mender
17.17.Alvis Wayne---Billy Bayou
19.19.Blue Cats---All I Can Do Is Cry
20.20.Johnny Bach And His Moonshine Boozers---Rock Around The Town
21.21.Bobby Helms---Tenessee Rock 'N' Roll
22.22.Johnny Bach And His Moonshine Boozers---Jailhouse Rock
23.23.Ray Campi & The Bellhops---Rockabilly Lilly
24.24.Sandy Ford---For The Rebels
25.25.Alvis Wayne---Texas Rockabilly Get Together
26.26.Lennerockers---She's A Reb
27.27.Flying Saucers---The South's Gonna Rise Again
28.28.Rockabilly Five---Buzz-Buzz A Diddle-It
29.29.Lennerockers---Rebels Of Nowadays
30.30.Curtis Gordon---Mobile Alabama
31.31.Bill Haley & His Comets---Is It True What They Say About Dixie

Vol. 02

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1.01.Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers---Get Yourself A Band
2.02.Al Willis & Swingsters---No Use Baby
3.03.Johnny Rebel---Nigger Hatin' Me (2m 08s)
4.04.Gene Gambler& The Shufflers---Party Night
5.05.Faron Young---I'm A Poor Boy
6.06.Gene Gambler& The Shufflers---Crazy Over You
7.07.Johnny Rebel---Nigger Nigger
8.08.Barnstompers---I Still Miss Someone
9.09.Casey Sisters & The Salt Flat Stompers---I'll Find Somebody
10.10.Dave Dudley---Cowboy Boots
11.11.Johnny & The Jailbirds---Oklahoma Baby
12.12.Jed Clayton & Rockabouts---But Baby
13.13.Farmer Boys---My Baby Done Left Me
14.14.Johnny Rebel---Coon Town
15.15.Johnny & The Jailbirds---Stay Away
16.16.Ramones---The KKK Took My Baby Away
17.17.Slap That Bass---I Got No Time
18.18.The Meteors---Rawhide
19.19.Bobby Helms---Just A Little Lonesome
20.20.Johnny Rebel---Move The Niggers North
21.21.Johnny Bach & The Moonshine Boozers---Mountain Dew
22.22.Bobby Helms---Sugar Moon
23.23.Johnny Rebel---Some Niggers Never Die
24.24.Deke Dickerson---Looks Like I'm In Trouble Again
25.25.Coon Hunters---We Don't Wan't Niggers In Our Schools
26.26.Gene Gambler& The Shufflers---Crazy Jake
27.27.Johnny Rebel---Kajun Ku-Klux-Klan
28.28.Ramones---Beat On The Brat
29.29.Johnny Rebel---Stay Away From Dixie
30.30.Wild Wax Combo---Big Beautiful Eyes

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