[V.A.] Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box Set

CD 1

The Charmers - Skinhead Train
The Creations - Mix Up Girl
Sir Harry - Hee Cup
King Cannon (Karl Bryan) - Overproof (Aka Little Darlin')
Derrick Morgan - Copy Cat
Andy Capp - The Law
The Soul Rhythms - Soul Call
The Harmonians - Music Street
The Fabion - V Rocket
Tony Scott - What Am I To Do
The Versatiles - Spread Your Bed
The Dynamites - John Public (Tom Hark)
Cool Sticky - Casa Boo Boo
The Tennors - Smile (My Baby)
Roland Alphonso - Zapatoo The Tiger
The Viceroys - Work It
The Wanderers - Wiggle Waggle

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CD 2

The Creations - Qua Kue Shut
Vincent Foster - Shine Eye Gal
Harry & Radcliffe - History
Sir Lord Comic - Wha'pen
Tommy McCook & Stranger Cole - Last Flight To Reggae City
Vin Gordon & The Dynamics - The Burner
The Dynamites - Tribute To Drumbago (Aka Last Call)
Ansel Collins - Bigger Boss
The Beckford's Group - The Horse
The Upsetters - A Taste Of Killings
Boris Gardiner & The Love People - Don Juan
Lloyd Charmers - Dollars And Bonds
The G.G. All Stars - 2,000 Tons Of T.N.T.
Rupie Martin's All Stars - Death In The Arena
Willie Francis - Motherless Children
Sweet Confusion - Elizabethan Serenade
The Royals - Pick Out Me Eye

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CD 3

Claudette & Corporation - Skinheads A Bash Them
Dandy - Trouble In The Town
Desmond Riley - Skindhead A Message To You
The Pioneers - Reggae Fever
Des All Stars - Night Food Reggae
Rico & The Rudies - Brixton Cat
Hot Rod All Stars - Skinhead Speaks His Mind
Tony Tribe - Red Red Wine
King Horror - Loch Ness Monster
Hot Rod All Stars - Skinheads Don't Fear
Prophets - Concord
Winston Groovy - Funky Chicken
Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp
Dice The Boss - Funky Duck
Joe The Boss - Skinhead Revolt
Claudette - Queen Of The World

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